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Registered Interior Designer®

Mia Kitsinis

Studio Miaki



Established in 2021 by the talented Greek-American interior designer Mia Kitsinis, our design studio in south west London crafts spaces that are both elegant and uniquely layered. Each design embodies a blend of comfort, calm, and a touch of 'oomph', turning any space into a dream home designed to stand the test of time.

Great design, in our belief, seamlessly intertwines balance and composition. The homes we envision and bring to fruition are not just structures; they are well-rounded stories, vividly expressed. Our designs form bridges, connecting the immediate environment with the broader world, making spaces feel alive, relevant, and deeply personal.

While some of our projects echo the clean lines of modernism and others revel in classic intricacies, every space we touch is imbued with emphasis and soul. Our expertise spans the vast expanses of interior design and architecture, custom furniture creation, and art curation.

Our practice of interior design has blossomed into rich partnerships with luminaries in architecture, art, luxury branding, real estate, landscape design, and artisanal crafts. This expansive network reflects our commitment to excellence, ensuring that our clients benefit from an integrated, world-class design experience. Confidentiality, trust, and unmatched skills are the cornerstones of our ethos.

Every project we undertake is tailor-made, drawing inspiration from the site's unique attributes, our client's desires, and innovative design approaches. We are with you at every juncture—whether it's finding the perfect property, selecting a style that resonates, or strategically reimagining a space to enhance its aesthetic appeal or commercial value.