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Natalia Miyar

Natalia Miyar



Global travel, a rich cultural heritage, and an academic background are the driving forces that inspire Natalia Miyar's work. An intuitive creator with a love of beauty, Natalia approaches design with an understanding of balance and proportion. The results are spaces which are both serene and lively. Natalia's natural and learned ability to blend comfort with glamour has been honed in her transatlantic practice of architecture and interior design. As an architect, she developed a passion for materiality - a devotion she has carried through into her interior architecture and design work for a discerning national and international clientele. From London to Miami, Natalia Miyar Atelier is a conduit for creativity. The team comprises architects, interior and furniture designers, and sourcing experts. They use their international experience in luxury residential design to create immersive, sensory experiences - homes as wonderful as they are liveable.