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Natalie Tredgett

Natalie Tredgett Design

Natalie Tredgett whimsical decoupage wallpaper green garden room with teal painted canned chairs and Swedish flatweave rug. A theatrical artistic and modern living room.



Natalie Tredgett is best known for creating poetic spaces with her inimitable use of colour used in combination with distinctive memorable arts. Her work is modern, immersive and playful with a layered elegance to its boldness.

At the core of Natalie Tredgett Design is a dedication to the client relationship. A Natalie Tredgett designed space is a clear representation of the client with her unique perspective running through it. Natalie encourages her clients to find joy and freedom in the creativity of self-expression, placing memorable objects as representations of her clients’ story. She understands the versatility of objects and is able to execute the design brief in a variety of ways that all hang together seamlessly. Natalie has a wealth of interiors knowledge and a vast and diverse directory of creatives she calls upon for every project.

Natalie founded her studio in 2012 having established herself under design guru Nicky Haslam. She trained in Interior Design at KLC, has an MBA from the University of Edinburgh and has a background in management consultancy.