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Registered Interior Designer®

Peter Staunton

Peter Staunton Design Studio



Leamington Spa - London - International

Peter Staunton Design Studio is an Interior Architecture & Design boutique creating a fearless mix of 'Raw Luxury & Refined Design'.

Known for creating exclusive spaces, the studio aims to bring the clients beyond their comfort zone to create spaces that will inspire them for years to come, utilising a mix of iconic & truly bespoke designs.

Peter believes good design can elevate the human spirit by creating spaces that will heighten your everyday experience.

With a passion for designing unique spaces, yet still managing to create timeless interiors with an edge, Peter feels that every space deserves its own identity, a unique soul that stands apart from its neighbours, yet can still sit in harmony within its wider surroundings.

"I aim to take the client beyond their comfort zone, pushing the boundaries of their imagination to create a space that inspires them for years to come"   

Heavily influenced by music, fashion & art, juxtaposed with a passion for classic & contemporary architecture, Peter aims to bridge the gap between these creative arts & integrate them to create a look he likes to call 'Raw Luxury - Refined Design'

Backed by a team of experienced designers, project managers & technical expertise, the studio ensures each project is as organised as it is creative.

Peters mission "To create truly iconic interiors that transcend time, inspire its owners, & create a legacy for future generations"