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Peter Staunton

Peter Staunton Design Studio



Peter Staunton Design is an Interior Architecture, Design and Decoration studio dedicated to shaping modern living for our discerning clients.

Blending intelligent spatial design with a fearless use of colour and the finest raw materials, we guide clients confidently beyond their comfort zone, creating spaces that are built to last and inspire for years. 

Peter holds the conviction that effective design has the power to uplift the human spirit, enriching daily experiences and well-being in the environments we dwell in. 
Our meticulous editing process for each project aims to maximise the core elements, minimising waste and showcasing space and design at its finest. 

Our goal is to craft truly iconic interiors that transcend time and fleeting trends, inspire its owners, and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

“Craftsmanship, materiality and fine detailing are the principle's we embrace”.

Heavily influenced by music, fashion & art, juxtaposed with a passion for classic & contemporary architecture, Peter aims to bridge the gap between these creative arts & integrate them to create a look he likes to phrase as ‘Raw Luxury, Refined Design’.


Services include:- Design & Concept. Interior Space Planning. 3D & CGI Rendering. Project Management. Furniture Design & Production. Cabinetry Design & Production. Lighting Design. Full SMart Home Technology. Bespoke Soft Furnishings. Full Decoration Servics. Installation & Staging


For any enquiries, please email or call the studio on 01926 888 480