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Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson Design

interior design for Mallorca holiday home



Homes with soul, designed with devotion. Warm, witty and welcoming, Samantha Johnson Design creates beautiful and unique homes full of character. Taking inspiration from a deeper insight into you – your family, your lifestyle, your priorities, your passions – Samantha’s designs uncover the soul of your home, and make it fit you perfectly.

Drawing on more than 25 years’ experience across a huge range of different style properties, Samantha’s work is not only about visual impact but also liveability. By focusing on spacial planning, her designs bring a sense of order and calm to even the busiest of homes, making everyday living a joy. Her designs support the flow of your daily routines, are easier to manage and maintain and are built to last, adapting to the rigours of an ever-changing family life.

Across Samantha’s work, you’ll find an emphasis on textures and patterns, a love of natural materials and a mischievous sense of humour, especially when it comes to finding personalised finishing touches.

Samantha takes full responsibility for every project, from concept through construction and commissioning to completion. That commitment means taking care of the finest details, managing contractors and your budget scrupulously and minimising disruption to you.

Many of her projects have been in the Home Counties and London, where she has been based for the majority of her career, but her work has taken her much further afield, to Spanish villas, Swiss chalets and beach houses in Cornwall. Having been inspired by the natural beauty of South West England, Samantha has now moved close to Wadebridge with her husband, dogs and her student daughters.

Her ethos and experience make Samantha an ideal partner for families with a second home in the South West, creating welcoming spaces for relaxing and effortless family breaks. Samantha can also provide comprehensive project management, taking full responsibility so you can return to a beautifully refurbished and pristine getaway.