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Registered Interior Designer®

Samantha Johnson

Samantha Johnson Design



My approach to interior design is based on a simple principle: that family homes can – and should – be beautiful places. I capture this by blending my knowledge of architecture and design with an intuitive understanding of my clients’ lifestyles and personalities. The finished interiors are not just an exquisite space, but they are also intensely liveable: ordered, but with space to share, to entertain, to relax and to rest. In order to do this, I work closely with clients to interpret exactly how they wish to live and what they want from a home. Every project is then a joint realisation of concepts refined between the client, myself and the team who carry out the work. Reinventing your home should be a pleasurable and exciting experience! I am motivated by a love of good design – both modern and traditional, and I am particularly sensitive to textures as well as colour and shape – which is why soft furnishings, handmade wallpapers and art and craft are often featured in my work.