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Schluter-Systems Ltd


Schlüter-Systems is a global market-leader in the supply of tiling system solutions. Our first product, released in 1975, was the Schlüter-SCHIENE tiling profile, designed to protect and finish tile edges in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Subsequent releases built on the reputation of SCHIENE and our portfolio now boasts over 5,000 profile options across wall and floor finishing, stair nosing and movement joints, providing an extensive inventory for interior designers to select from. Recent years have also seen Schlüter focus on expanding on the grate options available for its linear and point drains. Adding to an already sleek collection of drain grate options, the decorative FLORAL, CURVE and PURE grate variants make drainage into a design feature that attracts attention for all the right reasons.The designs served as inspiration for the Schlüter-SHELF range of shelving, meaning it is possible to co-ordinate across drain grate and storage design. Whether interior designers are looking for finishing products that create beautiful blending effects with tile and stone, or are seeking to create a stand-out statement finish, Schlüter-Systems has the products and expertise to assist. We provide a UK-wide network of area specification consultants dedicated to helping interior designers meet the needs of their clients. Committed to education and our founder's philosophy 'Our products cannot be sold, they must be understood', we seek to make our specialism easy to comprehend. This was a key motivation for the 2019 launch of our programme of Lunch and Learn sessions, carefully crafted to address the interests and expectations of interior designers. Through partnership with the BIID, we hope to increase awareness of how appropriate finishing for tile and stone elevates installations to superior levels of finesse and longevity. We also hope to learn more about what interior designers would like to see next from our industry and work hand-in-hand with them to realise products for the future.