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Seora is an award-winning outdoor furniture brand specialising in exclusive sun-loungers and outdoor seating with contemporary elegance, distinctive purity and individual modernism that never feels tired, even after years of enjoyment. Founded in 2011, we transform outdoor spaces into a complete absorbing experience of aesthetics and functionality, together with refined Italian craftsmanship, attention to detail and the finest outdoor materials, our timeless designs forge a sense of style and harmony. State of the art but never lacking in purity and refinement is Seora's design ethos our luxurious and understated stylish outdoor furniture reminisce the calming effects of nature's purest elements. The characteristically delicate detailing of Seora's contemporary outdoor furniture denotes a finesse that can be compared to that of the finest interior furniture marrying simple lines with a unique sense of detail. The hands of the craftsmen and women who tailor each bespoke furniture piece, hold the precious knowledge of secret traditions, carefully guarded and handed down from one generation to the next. It is this deep-rooted savoir-faire and heritage that continues to create the unique Seora masterpieces, united over time with advanced technologies to make a perfect product. Having exported to over 20 countries our products have been featured at prestigious locations and loved by celebrities around the world including Nammos Mykonos, Ritz-Carlton and SLS Hotels.