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Sicis UK Ltd


  • Gioia Placuzzi
  • Tel: 020 7491 9849
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Sicis is an Italian Company established in 1987, leader in contemporary luxury mosaic, furniture and Interior Decoration. The Company motto is 'the world is mosaic', making the mosaic itself an instrument of communication and expression of trends. Sicis has created an amazing evolution of the mosaic path pushing further all the boundaries, with the ability to interpret different cultures and traditions in all their details transforming them into new shapes.

Our aim is to get excellent products with an inimitable style, thanks to the continuous experimentation and the strong expertise acquired over the years. The main feature of the Company is our knowledge of the market and the attention to detail, applied to an industrial production that reach the customer satisfaction. Our driving force is an all-Italian creativity combined with high aesthetic and artistic sensibility, as well as a deep study and knowledge of materials.