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Sophie Ashby

Studio Ashby



Studio Ashby is a London-based interior design studio, founded by Sophie Ashby in 2014. We are a dynamic group of twelve experienced designers, working across residential and commercial interior design and creative direction in the UK, Europe and further afield. We pride ourselves on our positive, professional and personal approach in all that we do. We work efficiently and collaboratively to bring integrity and soul to interior life. 

Our mission is to create habitable spaces with identity. Whether it's a home, a restaurant, a hotel or a commercial development, we apply the same creative approach that starts with envisioning the lives of the people who will inhabit it. We question what inspires them, what moves them and how we can fulfil their desires and support their needs with our design. Art plays a central role in our inspiration and process. Stemming from Sophie's own passion and training in art history, we believe art has a vital place in every interior and no space feels complete without it.

We describe our approach as a creative coalition of collecting, curating and commissioning. We collect knowledge, ideas and inspiration, sourcing materials, furniture, lighting and art from an extensive network of people and places. We curate each project individually according to the characters, the moods and the stories we wish to tell. We commission bespoke elements and pieces from our collaborators to introduce a layer of craft, particular to an individual person or place. Through a combination of collecting, curating and commissioning we create interiors that are personal and alive. Balance is an important part of our toolkit, too. We play with the juxtaposition of opposing elements: the raw with the refined, natural with manmade, neutrals with colours, antique with contemporary, the minimal with the rich, the expected and the surprising. We believe there is a poetry in the tension of these combinations, the careful layering of which brings character, atmosphere and feeling to interiors.

Sophie grew-up between South Africa, London and Devon. She studied history of art at Leeds and interior design at Parsons in New York. Her different experiences have each fed her understanding of design, its power and its possibility. She is a Young Patron of the Royal Academy of Arts.