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TOTO is a global company of Japanese origin, a world leader in the production of sanitary ware, a name that has been synonymous with ceramics and the advancement of the bathroom since its creation in 1917. Technological innovations such as the Washletâ„¢, Rimless WC pans, Tornado flush, CeFiONtect hygienic glaze and Self-power sensor taps, have helped to redefine the bathroom and how we interface within it. TOTO have re imagined everyday functionality to create new, lasting and enjoyable experiences every day. A careful balance of innovative 'clean' technology and robust design, have created products that are trusted around the world by both professional specifier and end user alike. TOTO is a global company which operates in 13 counties and has 32 sites, employing more than 30,000 people, around 900 of which work within R&D. Developing performance driven clean technologies for now and the future. Our UK office and flagship showroom is situated in Clerkenwell, London