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Registered Interior Designer®

Willa Elphinstone

Drumkilbo Designs



I started decorating over 24 years ago, during which time my style has evolved with the times. Living mostly in Scotland. I have decorated castles, country houses and shooting lodges ; often in the very far north of Scotland. I specialise mostly in traditional country house style with often an unexpected modern twist. I try to use wonderful textured and ageless fabrics, which help to lose the 'newly decorated' feel. I often use wonderful silks for curtains with unusual trimmings and fringes so they look as if they have hung there for generations. I prefer to work with my clients to achieve a home which suits them. I believe in getting to know my client, so together we can achieve a home which they will enjoy living in and which suits their family' s needs and their lifestyle. Although I mostly work in Scotland, I work also in England, Wales and abroad, where I greatly enjoy the different challenges of finding the right craftsmen in the right place at the right cost. I find that even after decorating for a number of years, I am still learning the whole time, which I feel keeps my style and mind open to all sorts of new ideas which can be combined to their best advantage.