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Yayoi Suetsugu

Boite de bijou


  • Yayoi Suetsugu
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Boite de bijou is a professional design office based in Japan (est.2007) provides comprehensive Interior Design and Consults commercial, residential and furniture design worldwide scale. Yayoi' s carrier started at Christian Fischbacher located in Japan in 1992. She was one of sales staffs in a stylish showroom and have built meaningful knowledge about European fabric, provide good service to professional and general customers. After worked at several companies as an interior design, residential and kitchen design became her specialty. She is an Interior Architecture, and she combine her interest in exquisite imported materials with local, traditional craftsmanship. Detail, quality and elegance her trademark. So you will feel her design is sleek, polished but deeply comfortable giving an atmosphere of magnificent relaxation. Her design is often described as contemporary Japanese high quality style.