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West London Apartment

Design and Build | Furniture Planning | Kitchen Design | Bathroom Design | Soft Furnishings | Interior Decoration | Project Coordination 

A Victorian terraced apartment transformed from a run-down space into a luxurious, spacious home.

This was a true interior transformation, representative of Violet & George’s creative approach to reimagining spaces and our careful attention to detail. When we started this project the interior was tatty and outdated, with a bathroom covered in mildew and a kitchen accessed down steep steps through an archway that had fallen into disrepair.  To create more space, the living area was relocated from the front of the property to the back, looking out onto the large south-facing garden.  Two equal sized bedrooms were created, while an extension accommodated a new modern kitchen – a space delightfully juxtaposed with the beautiful Victorian features of the original property. A break in the terrace meant we could isolate the entrance from the communal hallway, giving the apartment a sense of exclusivity. A fusion of vintage and modern interior touches give the property a sense of innovative and eclectic indulgence. From eye-catching wallpaper and art deco lighting to creatively revamped furniture, sumptuous hand-finished curtains and a u-shaped sofa custom built to fit the space we delivered an engaging, creative space in which to live, entertain live and enjoy.