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OMO Design project


2016 | 8000 sq.m | Kiev

Team: Natalia Shchyra, Viktoria Oskilko, Maksym Parokonniy, Anna Kaplonska, Svetlana Mazurenko, Alex Pedko, Dmitry Kozinenko, Illya Nepravda, Pavel Velichko 

Photos: Alex Pedko


2016 IIDA Global Excellence Award, USA. The winner in Office Spaces Small

2016 Interior of the Year, Ukraine. Second prize, Administrative and Public Interiors

Office interior for a young and quickly growing IT-company. The collaborative team of interior designers, graphic designers and clients team used an innovative agile approach while planning, what made our team work cohesive and flexible.

The office is mainly open-space plan. Some zones are introduced as a freestanding cubes, this solution solves both design and acoustical issue.

Every floor has its own color and name according to the alphabet: the first floor is A - Allience, the second is B - Believe, the third is C - create and so on.

Eelements such as door knobs, wardrobe furniture, decorative icons from popular computer games and gaming analogue of the tree house were made exclusively for this office.