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The House of Upcycling project

Ambassador: Dolly Fixtures


Tracey Horan is a master upcycler who creates statement lighting by upcycling items which have had a previous career, something she has been doing for nigh-on a decade. The Dolly Fixtures studio is based in Lewes, East Sussex and is a place of upcycling magic where stunning restyled mannequin lighting and futniure resides alongside groups of pre-upcycled mannequins who have finished their working life in the retail trade and are now waiting for their style and purpose renaissance.

Dolly Fixtures creations sit somewhere between art and function, they are original, often glamorous and always eye-catching. Vintage mannequins are first restored and prepared to receive their new decoupage surface which is created from a wide range of fabrics in an array of colour palettes and patterns including graphic mid century designs and glamorous textiles bejewelled with sequins. Mannequin lights are finished with hand made lampshades to further elevate their individuality and sustainability kudos.

Tracey began her career in fashion which eventually led her to discovering that the retail industry in the UK wastes thousands of mannequins a year. Intrigued by their individuality and familiarity of the human form, she felt a responsbility to stop them from being destroyed and create a new pathway to their continued use. The outcome was a business which produces unique items that are not only statement pieces of art, lighting and furniture, they support the concept of a circular economy. 

Offering a range of hand crafted items including full height mannequin lamps, half height cocktail tables, occasional tables, planters and torso table lamps and with her expertise using vintage textiles, Tracey also produces a range of cushions and decorative items including oversized stems and flora. Dolly Fixtures also hire out refinished mannequins to organisations who want to create a focal point including hotels, West End theatres, festivals, interior design events and exclusive parties where creating an instant and unforgettable impact when guests arrive is high on the agenda. Tracey creates her own Dolly Fixtures collections as well as working with designer clients to produce something utterly bespoke and as with all Dolly Fixtures creations, each is a one-off piece of designer upcycling. Appearing under the auspices of the House of Upcycling at Clerkenwell Design Week, Design London and the House & Garden Festival, Tracey has also hosted numerous upcycling demonstrations and will become one of the House of Upcycling's first professional tutors in 2024, when she will be guiding students through the mannequin upcycling processes as part of the long-awaiting Upcycler Workshops.

Location: Lewes East Sussex