The brief from our clients was clear; Create a holiday home with a wow but not in an obvious way, think understated yet cool. Somewhere to relax and unwind with a lot of family, friends and dogs, a space where they could switch off from the world.

An original welsh cottage owned by the clients previously was remodelled with the design team and extended to suit their need to fit a lot of family and friends in. We’ve managed to configure beds and ensuites in spaces the client never thought possible!

The result is a space perfect for them to entertain lots of guests without worry, the rustic finishes are paired with slightly more glamorous finishes to create that rustic cool. The furniture was kept pretty basic, loose linen covers to allow the dogs on and a mix of metal and timber mean they will stand up to the robust lifestyle of a holiday home.

Being a second home for our clients, we were conscious not to spend money for the sake of it, instead we spent time sourcing from markets, trawling antique shops and salvage yards, little bits of upcycling but also designing and building bespoke pieces and when buying, only buying quality.