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Interior Design and Home Technology

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BIID members, Helen Bygraves and Jenny Weiss, talk about their approach and the helpful role that a Control4 Certified Showroom can play.


How can you successfully blend interior design and home technology together in your schemes? We asked Helen Bygraves and Jenny Weiss, Co-Founders of Hill House Interiors to talk us through their experience.

At Hill House Interiors, we work closely with clients based all over the globe, with whom we naturally develop lasting relationships. We have a prestigious portfolio of international projects, ranging from luxury duplex penthouses in prime Central London, opulent Mediterranean private villas, mansions in the Home Counties, to lavish Oyster Yachts and heritage buildings.

Our discerning clients look to us for advice on how best to achieve comfortable, elegant and luxurious interior spaces. We value the part that cutting-edge technology has to play in creating these spaces but acknowledge the need for it to be carefully planned from the project’s inception in order to be seamlessly integrated into our overall designs.

The small details make all the difference and are the key to making our clients feel truly at home. Throughout the design process we ask ourselves questions such as, does the technology need to be accessible, or is being discreetly disguised into beautiful, bespoke cabinetry the answer? Every scenario, like each client and every property, is unique, so we need to give the client as many choices as possible.

Working together with a professional technology integrator who also has a Control4 Certified Showroom, allows our clients to have choice and, with the majority now wanting to include intelligent, integrated technology in their homes, this is of huge benefit.

We’re fortunate to enjoy a wonderful partnership with Homeplay, a professional integration company and a Control4 Certified Showroom led by James Ratcliffe, who have helped us embrace smart home technology in our projects.

Having worked together well on multiple projects, James invited us to design their showroom in Sunbury. Together, we wanted to create a space with the look and feel of an upmarket apartment, with different zones that could feed the imagination of clients and inspire them.

The result is the Homeplay Experience Centre. Here, the beautifully designed and curated dining and living spaces are finished with a soft and welcoming colour palette, enhanced by our luxurious furnishings and accessories. LED lit coffered ceilings along with architectural details combine to showcase lighting technology at its best. There is also an impressive home cinema and a more relaxed, social bar area for clients to enjoy.

This wonderful showroom demonstrates state of the art technology at its very best, with the latest lighting, audio-visual, security, heating and cooling technology, all conveniently controlled at the touch of a button by Control4. Of course, this Experience Centre also serves to showcase our own designs and the ability of interior designers and specialists to seamlessly integrate technology within our schemes without compromising on aesthetic.

We love the Experience Centre! And our clients who come here to understand what can be achieved absolutely love it too, never failing to leave impressed.

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Both Control4 and Homeplay offer CPD courses to BIID members. Learn more at BIID Control4 or Homeplay