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Oakley Products project

Luxury Riverside Apartments Newton Ferrers

Oakley Products was involved in this particular project where an old elegant building was converted back to its former glory with six spacious lateral apartments, eight other contemporary apartments and one stunning house.

Flooring was a key priority to the developers in order to make the apartments stand out, Oakley came up with two unique oiled finishes applied to it's Sherlock Oak Board, this combined the long lasting durability of a 21mm structural board with a modern clean aesthetic look.

Within the main house a shaker style with a contemporary twist was the interior design theme, here a natural oil was used with our Sherlock Oak Boards, this created a traditional look used to complement the interior furnishings. In the actual apartments the theme was a coastal style full of light and beach colours, here our unique snow oiled boards were used to bring the coastal feel inside.