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BIID Launches New Three Year Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan for 2021-2024 is announced.

The BIID has for the first time published it’s three-year strategic plan. As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability we invite members to read the plan and follow our progress over the coming years.

The Strategic Plan includes a refreshed Mission, Values and Strategic Aims for the BIID. 

Our Mission:

The BIID is committed to advancing professionalism, integrity and excellence in interior design.

Our Values:

We are

  • Approachable and supportive
  • Inclusive and collaborative
  • Ethical and environmentally responsible

Our Strategic Aims

  1. To represent the majority of the UK interior design profession
  2. To raise the profile of the Institute and demonstrate the value of interior design to the public, the government and allied professionals
  3. To foster professional development of designers by educating and informing
  4. To engage students and educators to encourage emerging talent
  5. To support our members and create a strong community
  6. To further embed sustainability into interior design practice
  7. To foster an inclusive and diverse interior design profession.

In addition, it lays out specific events and initiatives we will be undertaking over the next 3 years, grouped into 5 areas and indicates how we will measure our success:

  • Influence and advocacy
  • Excellence and achievement
  • Engagement and support
  • Development and encouragement
  • Sustainable growth

We welcome any feedback on the Strategic Plan – please get in touch via or on social media via Instagram or Twitter.

You can read the full Strategic Plan in our Policy and Strategy section of the website. It is accompanied by our Sustainability Strategy and our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.