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SMC Smart Homes project


In this project our part was to maximise convenience, entertainment, security and energy saving through home automation.

Each window and door includes five levels of treatment; automated curtains, automated blinds, automated door/windows, automated shutters and automated awnings.

The house has 24 zones of audio and 8 zones of video centrally managed by a Crestron Digital Media Matrix working with an Extron matrix. Lutron Homeworks QS provides the primary control of lighting and blinds/curtains throughout the property. There are 180 circuits of light and over 84 window treatments to control. Lutron also manages the operation of six water features in the garden. The Crestron touchscreens allow the client to select a floor plan of any room to see and control the state of equipment within it.

The security system consists of an NSI Grade 3, intruder alarm giving full perimeter protection around the property and motion detection within. BPT video entry panels are used at the main gates and doors into the property.