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Materialise Interiors Limited project

Real Patisserie Western Road, Hove - Trafalgar Street, Brighton - Church Road, Hove



Refit of existing bakery with cafe.  

Client wanted to implement their new branding and also take the opportunity to update the shopfront to fit with Conservation Area requirements in the Regency and early Victorian 'Brunswick Town conservation area'.  We centralised the entrance to work better for customer flow. Internally illuminated fascia sign and projecting sign added and new branding colour applied to the new timber shopfront.

Internally the whole footprint was re worked.  A view through to the in-house bakery given by using bread shelving with views through.  The existing refrigerated counter was updated with cladding.  Cladding was used throughout.

Working with DJ Carpentry, Kiwanda Joinery and PK Waters Sign Studio.



Refit of existing bakery.  

The artisan bakery Real Patisserie has been a popular part of Brighton and Hove since first opening in the late 1990s.  The company recently rebranded and took the opportunity to update their Trafalgar Street branch both inside and out.  This shop was their very first bakery and opened in 1997.  I was asked to undertake this project and very much enjoyed the process working with their team and local tradespeople.

After observing customer flow is this very tightly packed and loved shop, I rejigged the layout to make it more comfortable for the high volume of customers.  We added the fantastic illustration by on a wall covering showing the bakery and shop in operation by Paul Eades.  Wall finishes and lighting was updated and new fixturing added.

The following planet friendly steps were taken in the renovation:

Refinished the existing shopfront instead of replacing it

Reused the flooring Reused the refrigerated display unit and clad it in FSC timber Reused the lighting Minimal VOC content paint Repositioned and reused reclaimed timber fixturing

Working with DJ Carpentry and PK Waters Sign Studio.



Refit of existing bakery with cafe.  

The newest and third shop I was fortunate to work with the lovely RealPatisserie team on in Church Road, Hove.

Lots of waste-saving, sustainable, circular economy measures in practice used in the renovation - but still very much looking like a Real Patisserie bakery and shop. Each store very much has it’s own personality.

Shopfront was reused Flooring was reused  We reused the refrigerated display unit and clad it in FSC timber 100% low energy lighting Minimal VOC content paint FSC timber seating and tables

While we’re on the subject of circular economy - did you know Real Patisserie are passionate about #zerowaste#zerofoodwaste ?  There are many measures in place to prevent waste including composting, food donations and being part of the food waste app #TooGoodToGo

All packaging is recyclable too and they have a reusable cup scheme for their hot drinks.

This company demonstrates their #corporatesocialresponsibility inside and out - through their produce and their spaces and I’m proud to have worked with them.

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Photo credit: Chloe Lana Photography  



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