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St James's mews house

The interior for this Mews House was inspired by the historical significance and vibrancy of St. James’s London. With its elegant parks, monumental palaces and surrounding architecture that have existed for centuries, St James’s is a landmark in the city.

The interior design process imaginatively employed some of the finest British craftsmen available today including bespoke pieces from David Linley, Tom Faulkner, Michael Reeves, Phillips & Wood, Arundell Carpets, and Fiona MacDonald.

Iconic items such as the Lindsay Adelman “Branching” chandelier, Walter Knoll “Bucket” desk chair, and Poltrona Frau “Ginger” Chairs to name but a few, ensured the high calibre of the furniture and exclusivity of this interior.

In addition, artwork was specially commissioned by more than six collectable artists to enrich and add value to each space.