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Harriet Anstruther Studio Ltd project

Surrey Farmhouse

My Clients often need to see the whole picture before they realise the potential of an idea they hadn’t previously considered. By the time a client comes to me they have seen my work and know my style. I like clients with a sense of humour and a love of expert craft and detail.

One always hopes to surprise a client by giving them more than they thought they’d get – surpassing their expectations – but that doesn’t necessarily mean reinventingthe wheel. The design of an interior or landscape naturally evolves as you get to know the client, whether it’s a commercial or residential job. Crucially it’s important to own up to an idea you may have had initially that just doesn’t work. If you’re not happy, they certainly won’t be.

This Surrey home used surprising details such as black glitter paint throughout the lviing room downstairs providing a striking juxtaposition between the comfy farmhouse furniture and the dazzling glittery modern walls. 

Complex  wallpapering allowed the definition of ceiling , walls and corners to merge to wrap around the historical details and almost wrap or bind the rooms together.