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Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan



Welcome to Artwork Italian Heritage by Kerasan.

Why is this collection called Artwork? Because thanks to the mastery in ceramic processing, creativity and craftmanship, we create customised interior design items that give emotions.

Artwork is originality, the desire to dare, to amaze, to break the mould, to think outside the box.

Each item is produced with attention to the finest detail to give genuineness. We are proud of our high standards of craftsmanship which every single piece reveals. No element of the Artwork collection can be catalogued in any pre-established scheme; we mix different materials and technologies to make each object a unique and non-reproducible work of art. Not only aesthetics: each piece of this collection offers different functionalities to provide a unique and healthy well-being.

A light, a designer washbasin, a cachepot, an air purifier: Artwork is more than you can imagine. With Artwork we tell one, a hundred, a thousand stories made up of challenges, courage, dreams, and a future to be written together, day after day.

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