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Sophie Bicknell

Studio Bare



Brought up on building sites as the daughter of two Architects - Design, History & Construction runs through my bones. With a proactive, hands-on approach I believe Designers are meant to be on site and pride myself on the strong, close knit relationships I’ve built with my contractors over the last 13 years to provide consistently successful, on schedule, category defining venues for my clients.

I believe that an effective design is born from a curiosity led design approach - constantly striving to push the boundaries of traditional design solutions to create an unparalleled experience with heart and soul that will resonate with your guests for years to come.

Unphased by passing trends, our style blends the old with the new, layering touchpoints in history with stories from today to create timeless aesthetics that grow and evolve over time .

We don’t just design a venue - we create an experience, a home from home, a destination.

Building eclectic and inspiring interiors filled with art, antiques and intriguing objects always sourced with our intuitive sense of style and fun