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Registered Interior Designer®

Sophie Weeks

Expedite Interiors Ltd



Sophie Weeks is an award-winning interior designer with a distinguished career spanning over a decade in the realm of commercial interior design. Her extensive experience covers a wide array of sectors, with notable expertise in retirement living, student living, and education.

Sophie's design philosophy is underpinned by the belief that every project can benefit from exceptional interior design. She possesses a remarkable ability to maximise spatial potential, intuitively grasp the client's vision, and consistently surpass their expectations.

As the driving force behind Expedite Interiors, Sophie offers a distinctive and unrivalled service in the South-West and Wales. Being part of a multi-disciplinary organisation, she is continually exposed to cutting-edge technical knowledge, which enriches and informs her design approach. With this deep technical insight and a keen understanding of spatial dynamics, Sophie crafts spaces that seamlessly merge beauty and functionality.

What truly distinguishes Sophie is her unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier interior design solutions, irrespective of budget constraints. Her client-centric methodology ensures that each project is tailored to its unique requirements and limitations. Her innate creative problem-solving ability consistently leads to innovative solutions, translating her clients' visions into tangible, awe-inspiring realities.

Sophie Weeks continues to set new standards for excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Her dedication to delivering outstanding results without compromising quality cements her reputation as an excellent interior designer. If you seek a design partner who can transform your vision into extraordinary spaces, Sophie and Expedite Interiors are your answer. Your dream project is just a consultation away!