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Registered Interior Designer®

Jennifer Hamilton

The Vawdrey House Ltd

Greenwich House_by The Vawdrey House



The Vawdrey House is a multi-award winning interior design and architecture studio which offers a dynamic combination of soulful design, strategic thinking and creative flair. 

Working across high-end commercial and residential projects, we specialise in bringing both architecture and interior design together to create beautiful spaces, unique to the individual families and organisations that use them.

With our select team of creative experts, our interwoven approach seamlessly blends interior design, architecture and the landscape. This enables us to envision how spaces will be used and how they will look and feel both inside and out. 

We consider all aspects of the project from the outset, developing them on with ruthless attention to detail and professional project management to deliver well thought out, cohesive projects that defy mainstream solutions and exceed expectations.