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Waterproof and Fireproof Herringbone Oak Parquet Flooring from Impervia.

Waterproof and Fireproof Herringbone Oak Parquet Flooring from Impervia.

We have developed the latest perfect herringbone vinyl flooring that can be fitted without the need for a crown line, adhesive or anything else.

Why choose Impervia Herringbone Oak Parquet Flooring:  It looks like real wood, it has a feel like real wood and is waterproof so it can go anywhere in the house, Restaurant, Office, or Commercial application including Hotels. It has its own acoustic backing and has a low slip risk in the wet.

IMPERVIA® Luxury flooring is the best simple push fit luxury floor on the market and unlike a lot of the AMTICO FLOORING and KARNDEAN FLOORS does not need any adhesive or underlay. This is because of our innovative 1.5mm thick IXPE waterproof backing.

The repeat pattern is 1 in 14 which means that in a carton with 26 pieces you will only see two pieces that repeat. When fitting do not put these together. With certain colours, you can use matching planks as it has the same Valinge 5Gi push-fit system.

Installation is simple and all you need is a flat subfloor and if it is a screed it must be SR1.



The composite core is mainly made up of crushed stone, and with 1.5mm IXEP backing. For our commercial grade the top layers are virgin material for durability. Waterproof, Fireproof and Formaldehyde Free Flooring.

With our forests ever decreasing and precious resources being used for an increasing market in wood flooring, we have an alternative that uses less of our natural forests.

Impervia Luxury Flooring is extruded from natural element’s and stone. The decorative layer is made from high quality photographic paper and our acoustic backing is VOC free with no cryogenic emissions or formaldehyde.

The finish has a ceramic quality for high traffic areas.

The IPXE backing has an acoustic property of 21 db.

The total thickness is 6.5mm and it requires no adhesive or other accessories or material to fit.