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The Entry Process

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Whether you're an Interior Designer or an Architect, based in commercial or residential sectors, if you have an exciting project then we want to hear from you. The BIID Interior Design Awards are designed to showcase the best of British interior design, from Lands End to the Shetlands. That's why when you enter, you'll be be submitting your project into the regional category for where your work can be found. E.g. if you've designed a stunning residential property in North Yorkshire, you'll submit this to the North & North West category.

Entries open in January and you'll have until April to submit. Learn more about the entry process below. 

  • Submit Your Entry

    Entries should be submitted online during the submission window January - April (exact dates will be announced for each year, sign up to the mailing list below to keep up to date). The application form will request before and after pictures and ask you to consider how you interpreted the design brief as well as how you worked in a way that considers sustainability. You'll enter in to the regional category for where your project is based and compete against other projects in that region.

  • Shortlisting

    An expert Shortlisting Panel will consider all applications and create a shortlist for each regional category, with the shortlist announced in May. They'll consider the quality of the design, how the brief was met, and how you've worked in a sustainable way among other factors. Only shortlisted projects will move on to the next stage and shortlisting is in itself a recognition of the high calibre of work.

  • Site Visits and Judging Day

    The judging doesn't just stay on paper; shortlisted projects are visited by the Site Assessment Panel. This concludes with the Final Judging Day in September, where the winners of each category will be determined.

  • The Awards Ceremony

    The best of the Interior Design world are invited to attend the awards ceremony where the winners are announced. Winners will be recognised in each of the regional categories, as well as awarding the Anna Whitehead prize for achievements in Sustainability and the Interior of the Year prize.

  • Sign Up To The Mailing List

    Make sure you get all the BIID Awards news by joining the mailing list. Be the first to hear when entries open, get early bird rates and more.

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