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Inside Stories: Designer Case Studies, session 2

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BIID members are invited to attend the latest in our Inside Stories: Designer Case Studies series.  

Members will be treated to two inspiring case studies presented by Interior Designers Rose Peploe and Sophie Pringle. This event is a fantastic opportunity for BIID members to gain insight from fellow practising designers into real life projects from the residential and commercial markets.

With our BIID award-winning speakers providing honest ‘behind the scenes’ stories, guests will obtain knowledge of the practicalities of delivering a successful project, what challenges our speakers encountered, how they dealt with them, and what they were most excited about during their projects.

As the speakers share some top tips for working on various design projects, you can be sure to leave this webinar informed and inspired as you look forward to your own upcoming projects.


Over the 90-minute webinar, the designers will introduce their projects and will be available for a short Q&A each following their presentation.

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Story 1 - Rose Peploe, The Artistry House Interiors

  • Project: Manchester Museum 
  • Size: 700 sq m
  • Photographer: Sean Conboy

BIID Interior Design Awards 22 – Winner, North & North West Region

This impressive project features a selection of non-gallery spaces with a multitude of purposes, at Manchester Museum. The design successfully creates a warm, inclusive environment that reflects the aim of reimagining the Museum for the people of Manchester. It encourages frequent visits and longer stays, fostering community engagement and learning. Key spaces are designed with multi-sensory experiences and accessibility in mind.

The judges praised the transformation of non-gallery spaces into a warm, inclusive environment, encouraging community engagement and learning. Creatively blending old and new elements, and repurposing vintage museum furniture for shop displays. Skilful use of colour and lighting aids navigation, and sustainability principles are embraced through local collaborations and repurposing. The result is a flexible, coherent, and imaginatively designed public space with high-quality accessibility and appeal for all ages.


Award winning Interior and Spatial Designer, Rose has been working in the industry for six years. With experience across commercial and residential projects she has transformed shops, houses, venues, restaurant and bars across the region, including Plau Gin & BeerHouse in Preston. With an eclectic taste and a love of combining classic pieces with contemporary influences, her interiors aim to enrich lives by creating vibrant yet relaxed spaces for living, working and socialising.

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Story 2 - Sophie Pringle, Pringle & Pringle

  • Project: Isle of Arran 
  • Size: 280 sq m
  • Photographer: Alexander James

BIID Interior Design Awards 22 – Winner, Scotland, Wales, & Northern Ireland

This detached family home is a sustainable new build on the Scottish island of Arran. The brief was to create a sociable yet tranquil multigenerational space, designed to optimize waterfront views, and durable for an outdoor lifestyle.

The judges’ commented that this sustainable multigenerational family home impressively integrates with its natural surroundings and caters to diverse needs, promoting togetherness while allowing for individual preferences. It skilfully mirrors outdoor hues, adapts to evolving conditions, and prioritizes durability and ease of cleaning. Despite remote challenges, the project delivers a functional, quirky, and peaceful home that is a "quiet triumph" of high-quality design.


After studying architecture at the University of Sheffield, Sophie enjoyed a successful career in luxury event design and management before being drawn back to her life-long passion for interior design. Sophie studied at the highly respected KLC School of Design in London and began her design career with leading studio Turner Pocock, before founding Pringle & Pringle in 2015.

Sophie’s solid architectural training together with her fast-paced commercial experience has provided her with a unique insight into the impact of good design, and an ability to deliver an outstanding level of service. With a young family herself, Sophie has an innate understanding of what makes a home work, not just in terms of how it looks, but in how it makes us feel.


  • An insight into the inspirations and complications of delivering successful interior design projects.
  • Exposure to how other designers run their projects and their approach to working with contractors, suppliers, and other built environment professionals.


BIID Registered Interior Designers, BIID Associate & Provisional Associate members, Employees of Registered Design Practice Members and BIID Student members.

As this is an exclusive event for BIID members, we regret that your registration will be cancelled if you are not a member, please note this to avoid disappointment.

Additional Information

This is Session 2 of two Inside Stories: Designer Case Studies evenings, please join us for Session 1 on Tuesday 6th February 2024 with Ed Plumb from Studio Found and Sarah Ellison from Frank & Faber. 

Once you have registered for this event and your ticket has been verified, you will be emailed the Zoom meeting link the day before the session.  If this event is fully booked, please join the waiting list. If you are no longer able to attend, please inform the office so that we can give your spot to someone else. Please note BIID events are in the time zone London GMT. 

This event will not be recorded

Attendance to this event equals 1.5 hours of Structured CPD

If you have any queries, please email the office at or call 020 7628 0255.

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