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Awards Sponsor Q&A: Control4

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Control4 tell us about their leading smart automation system for homes

Please tell us about Control4 and what you do?

Control4 is your natural technology partner for the home.

As a leading smart automation system for homes, we can bring your clients completely personalised control of their lighting, music, cinemas and TVs, comfort, security, communications, and much more.

Beyond this, we share your ambition to create beautiful, comfortable and thoughtfully designed interior spaces. We fully understand how our technology can play an important part in meeting your design vision, often whilst hidden from view, or blending perfectly into your scheme.

With a professionally installed Control4 smart home operating system (OS), thousands of different devices and systems in the home can be seamlessly connected and integrated for easy and intuitive operation.

Your clients can dim lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors, arm the security system, and more, all from single, remote and efficient touchscreens, attractive keypads, voice, or by accessing Control4 on their phone.

With a Control4 system, designers can de-clutter technology within their client’s interior, minimising wall switches, visible cabling and technology boxes to create a cleaner, elegant scheme.

Clients can also relax in total comfort as the house responds to their schedule or needs, automatically activating technology, without them even having to think about it.

What sort of projects do you work on with interior designers?

Designers can work with Control4 Partners to elevate the luxury experience for their clients on any residential project.

You are more than welcome to see the experiences of HillHouse Interiors and Sue Fisher Interior Design who have collaborated with Control4 Partners and Certified Showrooms, Homeplay and New Wave to create designs that seamlessly blend technology and interior design.

Tell us about some of your new initiatives?

We recently launched Think Tank, a new initiative to bring together property professionals to discuss all things ‘smart home’ and make the journey for all parties, from specification and design to installation and, of course, the user experience, an overwhelmingly positive one.

We believe that sharing advice, best practice and information on how smart living technology should be integrated to enhance interiors and benefit the client will be a great help for designers.

You can find out more about Think Tank here.

We also work closely with the BIID to offer tailored CPD courses for interior designers, including The Five Levels of a Smart Home, My Home is My (Smart) Castle and The Benefits Of Lighting Control.

To find out more visit, or contact a Control4 Certified Showroom Professional near you and register for one of our approved CPDs at