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Control4 are Platinum Partners 2024/2025

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Control4 supports designers to create elegant interiors and improve wellbeing

BIID Platinum Partner, Control4, is dedicated to helping designers take advantage of smart home technology to enhance their interior schemes and boost wellbeing for their clients. 

Control4 supports designers with advice, information, and practical resources, explaining how smart home technology can increase comfort, save energy and be implemented to operate as simply and reliably as possible. 

Working together with designers at the outset of a scheme, Control4’s Certified Showroom Partners are professionals who can help create beautiful, comfortable and thoughtfully designed interior spaces for every home. They can also design systems that bring many health and wellbeing advantages to clients.


In 2023, Control4 introduced a new CPD entitled ‘How an Automated Home Can Care for the Family and the Planet’ for designers to support this approach. 

This CPD course explores how smart home technology can improve health and wellness, but also promote a more sustainable home by giving clients better control over their energy management and providing more opportunities for them to reduce operational carbon.  Find all the information you need to book this CPD at Control4 | British Institute of Interior Design (


Control4 is the leading smart automation system for homes, capable of bringing clients completely personalised control of their lighting, music, cinemas and TVs, comfort, security, communications, and much more.  With a professionally installed Control4 smart home operating system (OS), thousands of devices and systems in the home can be connected for easy and intuitive operation. 

For more information on Control4 and to arrange a visit to your nearest Control4 Certified Showroom Partner and experience the best of what technology can provide, please go to