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Designing High-end Boutique Home Gyms

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BIID Platinum Partner Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors explains how to create the perfect gym experience.

When incorporating gyms into prime properties, clients desire a wellness experience that they would expect to find in a high-end boutique gym or health club. Interest in luxury home gyms has been consistently on the rise for the past decade, with increased focus on wellbeing and regular access to a convenient and private workout space amongst clients of leading interior designers. The events of the past year have only served to accelerate this demand.

Specialist wellness designers and BIID Platinum Partners Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors have created some of the most luxurious gyms throughout the UK and across the world. Originally starting out within the superyacht industry, they have since expanded and now design gyms in prime residential properties, hotels, offices and boutique gyms.

For every gym design, each client is different as with any interior design project. However, the aim always remains the same; to create a gym that clients love to spend time in. To reach this goal, Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors have shared a few of their top tips to ensure your client gets an experience as that of a high-end boutique but completely bespoke to them.

Bring in Luxury Materials

When entering a high-end boutique gym, every piece of furniture and equipment will be working in complete harmony, strengthening the brand with signature colours for a visually pleasing experience from the get-go.

  • Complement the home - Evolution in the design and availability of luxurious gym equipment now makes it possible to furnish wellness spaces with products that complement the interior design of the home itself. From sleek, sophisticated cardio machines to luxury weights and gym accessories, many fitness companies have now made aesthetics a key part of their design.
  • Make it their own - Gym equipment can be customised with a range of brands, including the option for custom paint and upholstery on commercial kit to add a unique look. This allows luxury materials to be brought into the gym design and match the equipment. From beautiful leather finishes and gorgeous wood to dramatic dark tones and dazzling bronze or steel, creativity can flow for a distinctive wellness space.
  • Use Mirrors - They are another important feature within any gym as they give the illusion of a large and brighter space. They are also functional, allowing form to be corrected and improved for an effective workout. For mirrors, the bigger and brighter, the better! Oversized backlit mirrors will completely transform a home gym to obtain that luxury boutique gym feel.

Source Bespoke Equipment 

When designing other spaces within a prime residential property, there are endless options for clients with vast selections of materials, colours and finishes. But with gym equipment, choice has traditionally been extremely limited, and that one size fits all approach certainly isn’t sufficient for luxury properties.

One collection of gym equipment that has been created exclusively with luxury environments in mind is conceived by Paragon Studio – a new brand which has been incorporated this year by Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors. Each component of the Paragon Studio collection is bespoke to the client, with every piece made-to-order.  Crafted with premium natural materials, there is a wide selection of finishes to choose from and a big focus on sustainability through responsible sourcing of woods and the use of recycled stock and components where possible during manufacturing.

Paragon Studio encourages individuality, so if there is a particular design element that must be incorporated, their team can work with Interior Designers to create equipment that matches joinery and hardware found throughout the property.

Create a Multifunctional Gym Layout

  • Functional - A home gym could be equipped with top-quality equipment and beautifully finished, but first and foremost, it must be functional. It can be tempting for clients to request all their favourite products, but if the room is overcrowded, it will impact the enjoyment and flow of the space.
  • Correct Equipment - A lot of boutique gyms are highly multifunctional, allowing space for a variety of classes. To translate this into a home environment, the choice of equipment and layout is a key part of the process. To maximise the floor space, selecting multifunctional equipment such as dual use weight machines will ensure clients don’t have to compromise on training options.
  • Floor Space - It is also important to reserve floor space for functional body weight movements. Sourcing products that are easy to move and store away such as exercise bikes and rowing machines will create an adaptable workout space.

Heighten Every Single Sense

  • Lighting - The ambience of a boutique gym is what truly motivates members. In yoga studios, calming music with dimmable, relaxing lighting will provide a tranquil session. Whereas for high intensity training, motivating music and bright lights will get blood pumping for a high energy workout.
  • Screens - In prime residential properties, AV will enhance the space for a truly unique experience. Cardio machines are built with innovative consoles for an engaging workout, however also installing a television will let clients follow workouts or watch their favourite shows regardless of where they are in the gym.
  • Audio - Surround sound will allow clients to blast their favourite music for an exciting workout. Depending on the location of the gym within the property, sound proofing is another factor to consider, preventing disturbing other family members or neighbours.

Design Custom Storage Options

The goal is to create a gym that clients love to spend time in and if accessories are shoved into a corner and their time is spent searching for equipment, this won’t be the case. A home gym is a place to focus on wellness and a disordered environment will only distract from this.

When creating storage, a great option is to utilise existing architectural features such as alcoves. If there are no opportunities to integrate into the existing building, bespoke gym equipment storage can be created. These can be designed to hold a variety of free weights and accessories from dumbbells and kettlebells to resistance bands and yoga mats. Yet another way to save floor space, rather than having multiple racks to hold all types of equipment.

For the design of bespoke storage pieces, materials that are found within the property and on the equipment can then be incorporated into it. Paragon Studio also develop storage units, either from their existing range or a completely bespoke design can be manufactured.

Gym Marine Yachts & Interiors work with Interior Designers on projects across the world. They can offer their services across the whole process from the initial planning stages, all the way to installation and after care. To discuss a future or existing project with them or to find out more about their brand-new sister company Paragon Studio, get in touch