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How to elevate your bathroom projects

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BIID Platinum Partner Ideal Standard discuss how designers can best use their Atelier Collection.

Ideal Standard’s Atelier Collections represent a true shift for interior design within the modern bathroom. Having been created in collaboration with renowned Italian studio Palomba Serafini Associati (PS+A), the collections have been crafted for both design-led homes and high-end hotels, with aesthetics, functionality and durability at the core of all products.

These premium pieces build on Ideal Standard’s long-standing design heritage, taking inspiration from iconic ranges of the past, while shaping the bathrooms and washrooms of the future. The Atelier Collections offer a complete package for bathrooms, from taps and basins, to baths, mirrors, storage units and towel rails. By using bold designs, such as those in the Atelier Collections, you can create a bathroom that acts as a focal point within a home or hotel.

Modest Luxury: Calla 


Inspired by the Victorian age and early ceramic production, Calla features clear, simple geometric shapes with strong horizontal and vertical lines, for a timeless end result that embodies a sense of muted luxury. Calla comprises a wide range of ceramic pieces, including elegant basins and pedestals, sophisticated toilets and bidets, and a stunning statement piece - a free-standing bathtub. The basins can also be combined with the more contemporary leg set, giving the product a completely different identity and enabling customers to integrate it in modern bathroom designs.

Tipo-Z: reimagining an icon

One of the flagship pieces within Atelier is the Tipo-Z basin. A modern reimagination of Gio Ponti’s timeless Zeta basin, created by the Italian architect and designer in 1954. The updated design, from PS+A, has been gracefully sculpted, maintaining the original’s distinct character. Modern manufacturing methods have also enabled this new basin to be cast as one single piece, something not technically feasible in 1954, which adds to its striking look. Tipo-Z was first unveiled at Design London 2021 and can be viewed in person at Ideal Standard’s London Design and Specification Centre in Clerkenwell.

Conca: the core of the collections

The Conca range is also at the heart of the Atelier Collections, comprising expertly sculpted basins, taps, baths, vanity units and furniture. Influenced by Paolo Tilche’s work of the same name from 1972, these products are perfect for luxury bathrooms. For example, the free-standing, one-piece Conca bathtub offers your projects a statement item – balancing style with functionality. Free-standing baths are a great way to create a focal point and elevate bathroom spaces.

Ipalyss: reintroducing colour to the bathroom


Colour is another fundamental aspect of the Atelier Collections. PS+A have created a new, bold palette for the popular Ipalyss range of basins, drawing from colour influences that can be found throughout Ideal Standard’s design history. The slim washbasins allow you to inject more colour and personality into bathroom spaces. The Ipalyss basins are available in a range of contemporary and mid-20th century inspired colours including: sage, pomegranate, powder blue, and slate grey.

Despite their thin curved edges, the basins are extremely durable and versatile, making them the perfect choice for high traffic or family environments. This is thanks to Ideal Standard’s Diamatec® technology, a material composition, consisting of a unique blend of alumina and chamotte that creates extraordinary-looking ceramics with very fine edges that remain strong.

Coloured fixtures, fittings and ceramics are becoming more popular again in premium bathrooms, and basins are a simple but effective way to add a splash of colour, especially when accentuated by thin edges.

Linda-X: a contemporary re-work

Linda X

Also designed by PS+A, the Linda-X basins celebrate the iconic Linda range, originally created by Achille Castiglioni, bringing together ageless aesthetics, with ultra-thin Diamatec® ceramics. The result is a ultra-durable product that beautifully meets the needs of family-use and contemporary living, helping end-users enjoy a design-led space for years to come.

Joy taps: the perfect partner

Created to complement the full range of basins in the Atelier Collections, the Joy basin mixer has a striking look as a cylindrical one-piece tap. A clean and modern piece, Joy has been made with one smooth and continuous surface, able to complement both square and round ceramics.

Blend WCs: beauty in simplicity

Blend WC

The Atelier Collections add to Ideal Standard’s toilet portfolio as well, with the Blend Cube and Blend Curve ranges available as both toilets and bidets in wall-hung and wall-mounted versions.

Sustainability is key for bathrooms of the future and using the latest technology and innovations, it’s possible to create a more environmentally friendly bathroom while reducing bills. 

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Blend Curve and Cube products feature AquaBlade® technology, which helps end-users save on water with every flush, while ensuring high standards of hygiene and a less noisy process.

All Atelier products are designed to work in unison and elevate design-led spaces. These pieces are the perfect choice for interior designers looking to create unforgettable end results for their customers.

Learn more about the Atelier Collections, 

Or make an appointment at Ideal Standard’s London Design Specification Centre.