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Recycling Samples

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Swatchbox offer a solution to designers wanting to help reduce packaging waste.

Samples are needed for every project but returning or disposing of them can be problematic. Some manufacturers will take samples back but quite often this isn’t the case. This then leaves the designer with a piece of waste that they must try to find a use for or throw away in the recycling bin.

Swatchbox recently presented their new accredited CPD “Reducing Sample Waste in Design” at the BIID Sustainability Showcase event where they explored sample recycling further and provided a number of solutions that designers can make use of to re-use or recycle old samples. 

One of those solutions is Swatchbox Pro, a sample ordering platform that allows designers to order samples from multiple brands in a few clicks and receive them in one returnable box.

By distributing samples from one centralised warehouse, it provides the opportunity to have one centralised place to return them back to. Swatchbox also provides a pre-paid return label to make it as easy as possible to return the samples.

Swatchbox believe, this is the only viable long-term solution for the industry to reduce sample waste.

And the industry desperately needs to do that.

Over 27% of all landfill waste comes directly from the construction industry and an estimated 50 tonnes of packaging waste is being generated each year.

To put that number into perspective, that’s 5 times the weight of the Eiffel tower.

By using a solution like Swatchbox Pro to source samples, designers can save time sourcing samples whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of waste they are accumulating due to samples.

Swatchbox is a completely free service for designers and comes with next day shipping on all sample orders. Register now for a free account.

About Swatchbox

Swatchbox, an Anguleris brand, is the premier sample fulfillment service that connects architects and designers with the world’s top building product manufacturers. With proprietary software designed by insiders of the design community, Swatchbox delivers material samples to the design community with speed, intelligence, and style. Learn more and join Swatchbox at