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Timeless Style And Sustainable Wellness With Swedish Wood

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Discover how wood brings timeless style and balance to interiors with BIID Platinum Partner Swedish Wood

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Successful interior design is reflective of the values and personality of the client as well as the spirit of the times. This is one reason for the enduring appeal of Scandinavian design, which always prioritised natural finishes, fitting, rather than extrovert, designs, and durable quality. Often that meant using wood, which was part of a culture steeped in the forest.

Apart from its natural beauty, wood is the antithesis of throwaway design: it’s easy to maintain, lasts a lifetime, and has the lowest of impacts on the environment. Can it make you feel better too? Wood is hygienic, but also, because it is hygroscopic, flooring and panelling can help regulate a room’s humidity to provide a healthier environment to live in. 

It’s an understatement to say forests and wood are important to Sweden. Forests cover almost 70% of the land and forest industries account for roughly 10% of the economy. Sustainability is at the heart of forest management, with the annual harvest at two-thirds of growth, ensuring the long-term viability of the industry. Sweden is the UK’s biggest source of wood, mainly high-quality pine and spruce, as well as engineered wood products such as glulam, laminated veneer lumber and cross-laminated timber. Through Swedish Wood, it is also a significant source of expertise and inspiration.

Swedish Wood, the promotional arm of the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, has two websites in the UK. hosts information and learning resources, such as the BIID-accredited Wood in Interiors online CPD course, and publications including the Joinery Handbook. hosts inspirational material, such as interior and furniture design case studies, as well as the four-yearly Swedish Wood Awards. You can get free access to the quarterly Swedish Wood design magazine Trä!, which showcases the latest worldwide architecture and design in wood on both websites. 

There are plentiful supplies of softwood sourced from sustainably-managed forests in the UK. For suppliers of quality softwoods and hardwoods, visit When designing interior panelling, ensure you comply with current Building Regulations with respect to fire safety.

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