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Announcement of candidates for 2024 elections to Council

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Six BIID Registered Interior Designers are standing for election this year

The BIID Annual General Meeting (AGM) is taking place on Friday 20th September 2024. At the AGM each year directors who have come to the end of their term of office step down from Council, and candidates stand for election to join Council. This year Mathew Freeman, Mia Karlsson-Matthews and Anne Hatton will be stepping down and we have two Registered Interior Designers and Council Directors standing for re-election: Verity Coleman and Fiona Watkins and four Registered Interior Designers standing for election: Helen Hookway, Zaniz Jakubowski, Michael Schienke and Charmaine White. Each Council Term of Office is two years. 
Further information about how you can book to attend the AGM and vote in the election of directors will be announced shortly.

Candidates standing for re-election for a second term of office

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Candidates standing for election for a first term of office

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The AGM takes place on the 20th September. It's free to attend and open to all BIID Members. More information here