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New Apprenticeship For Interior Design: Have Your Say

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A brand new accredited interior design apprenticeship is being developed and is seeking industry feedback

A new apprenticeship for interior design is in development and set to be launched later this year. The course will be the first of its kind in the UK to offer students an equivalent qualification to a bachelor’s degree in interior design. The qualification will open new pathways into the industry for those unable to attend university. The course will see apprentices work in interior design roles at design practices, architectural firms and retailers whilst studying one day per week. After two years of work and study, each apprentice will have to complete an assessment including a project and presentation and professional discussion, the successful apprentice will then receive a level 6 accredited interior design qualification.

The development and monitoring of accredited apprenticeships in the UK is overseen by the Institute for Apprenticeships, an Arm’s Length Body of the Department for Education. New apprenticeships need to be developed by a group of employers (which the Institute for Apprenticeships describe as a ‘Trailblazer Group’), to ensure that the resulting qualification reflects the skills needed by industry. The so-called trailblazer group, formed in 2023 of 13 employers is chaired by Courteney Kiely, Founder and Creative Director of Manchester-based commercial interior design studio, Scene and includes several BIID members. The occupational standard which the group have developed will form the basis of the new interior design apprenticeship.

The Trailblazer Group is now seeking feedback from the wider industry on the draft occupational standard. The Institute for Apprenticeships defines an occupational standard as ‘A short and concise document….[that] describes the ‘knowledge, skills and behaviours’ needed for someone to be competent in the occupation’s duties’.  Following this industry consultation period, the occupational standard, alongside an assessment plan and funding band, will be submitted to the Institute for Apprenticeships for final approval. Once approved and launched, employers will be able to recruit apprentices to their practice and potential candidates can begin to apply. The BIID will share more information how to employ an apprentice in due course.  

You can view the draft occupational standard here. Please email any feedback to by 12.00pm on Thursday 7th March 2024.