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Notting Hill Townhouse

5-bedroom house

Interior Decoration | Furniture planning | Lighting design | Soft furnishings | Design and coordination of bespoke joinery items | Coordination of painters and decorators

An intelligent transformation of a 5-bedroom house, including an array of unique, custom-built furniture.

This 5-bedroom house in Notting Hill had recently been restored and renovated to high specifications by Nicky.  Now working in her Violet & George capacity, she returned to source the soft furnishings and decorative touches required to make the space more comfortable and luxurious. Exciting wallpapers were selected and custom-made furniture was both created and restored in our workshop, including a leather topped table designed to fit the drawing room, a console table for the entrance hall designed by the Violet & George blacksmith, and a set of antique leather chairs which were lovingly restored. Fabrics and rugs were carefully selected to offset the space, and all windows were beautifully dressed. The master bedroom wardrobe was purchased at Christies and lined with printed fabric in the Violet & George workshop. In the bedroom, fabric was hung on the walls to deaden sound internally, while in the garden room a sofa was custom-made to fit the space and lavish mirrors were created from antique windows.