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Top Tips For Entering the BIID Interior Design Awards

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Read our tips to making your entry to the BIID awards stand out in the crowd

Entering the BIID Interior Design Awards is an excellent way to gain recognition, build your reputation, and showcase your work. Winning is a significant achievement but the competition can be tough, and it's essential to know how best to present your work.

Here are five top tips on how to prepare your entry:  

  1. Prepare your entry carefully Read the guidelines on our website carefully and follow the instructions regarding the format, size, and content of your submission. The judges will be looking for high-quality images clear descriptions, and a compelling narrative that showcases your project's unique features. Include before and after images, floor plans, and any other relevant documentation that helps to tell the story of your project. 
  2. Be authentic Try your best to give the judges a sense of what is unique and interesting about your design practice, processes, client approach, supplier relations etc. We understand that all design projects have their challenges and being honest about these, and how you addressed any problems will help the judges gain an better insight into your skillset. 
  3. Highlight the small victories  While your entry should communicate the overall success of the project, highlighting a small, specific detail you are particularly proud of can really help your project to stand out. For example an innovative fabrication technique you developed with a specialist supplier or a custom made element of the project that might not be obvious from the photos.  
  4. Tell a compelling story While every shortlisted project for the Awards will be visited in person, the shortlisting process is based on your text entry in combination with the photos and imagery.  Try to step back from your entry (or ask a friend or colleague less familiar with the project) and review to see whether you have created a compelling story that brings the project to life.
  5. Pay attention to details Finally, pay attention to the details . Make sure that your entry is well-organised, and all the required information is included. Proofread your submission carefully and make sure that there are no typos or errors in the text. The judges will be looking for attention to detail and a high level of professionalism in your submission.  

Entries for the BIID Interior Design Awards 24 early bird rate closes on 14th March

Winning the BIID Award North region feels like a huge achievement amongst a year of great successes for my business.

Jo Bee, Design by Jo Bee