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Irena Ivovic



Hello! I am Irena Ivovic - founder and principal designer of IRIV DESIGN. I hold a master's degree in architecture and diverse experience across various sectors. Before establishing IRIV DESIGN, I gained valuable experience working on diverse projects, including residential complexes, hospitality venues, and commercial and office buildings, as well as extensive fit-out and renovation projects.

When I made the decision to launch IRIV DESIGN, I was determined to establish a practice built on five fundamental pillars. These pillars include a client-centric approach, fostering long-term relationships, upholding professional integrity, prioritizing sustainability, and implementing value engineering. Architecture and design belong to the realm of humanities, and as such, should be accessible to all. It is my conviction that design should enrich people's lifestyles, simplify their lives, and never be pretentious or discriminatory in nature.

Our design philosophy centers around diversity in project types and sectors to avoid repetitiveness, user-oriented approach for delivering the best final product and overall experience, full transparency in the process and fee structure, embracing technology through the use of BIM and offering complementary CGIs, and accommodating client's budgets without sacrificing quality.

We believe that by following these principles, we can deliver tailored and exceptional design solutions to our clients that not only meet but exceed their expectations while also contributing to a more sustainable future.