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Registered Interior Designer®

Ingrid Sirova

Interiors By Ingrid Ltd

Interiors by Ingrid interior designer Cheshire contemporary grand entrance


With the client at its centre and thoughtful choices at every turn, Ingrid creates spaces that are harmonious, with each and every element working together seamlessly. All componenets are selected on an individual basis, are precisely placed, and lit to create timeless and sophisticated interiors that enhance lives.

For the past 15 years, Ingrid has devoted herself to high-end residential interior design, deepening her knowledge and creating working partnerships with varied and talented craftspeople.

Ingrid offers a personal design service from the start of the process to the end. This turnkey solution ensures that client's most precious commodity, time, is protected. Her expertise allows clients with a range of budgets to create spaces that exude quality. She collaborates closely with smart home specialist, artisans, tradespeople, landscape architects and architects alike. Her extensive contacts allow design fees to be mitigated, and often wholly offset, by the trade terms negotiated with suppliers.


"A quality interior design is translated into any style, from traditional to contemporary to minimalist, with the focus on authenticity and sensitivity to architecture and the surrounding."


Ingrid's passion for design led her to study fashion design in Prague, the capital of  Czech Republic, followed by interior design at Liverpool John Moores University. Fusing these two disciplines has led to an output that has become seamless in its execution. Her drive and dedication converted formal qualifications into successful interior design projects.


The selection of latest projects demonstrates Ingrid’s philosophy and approach to her work. 

Projects range from full turn-key renovations to smaller scale transformations but each one is undertaken with the same commitment and care. The exterior architecture greatly influences the interior. Materials, objects, furniture are carefully sourced with provenance, quality and sustainability in mind, with the client at the heart. This holistic approach leads to interior spaces that are timeless, harmonious and reflective of the client. The Stonemill Cottage is an example of a sophisticated country living with its roots in earthy tones of wood and stone, whereas Highbank demonstrates her ability to create the luxurious look exuding glamour from each seam.