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Registered Interior Designer®

Pippa Paton

Pippa Paton Design Limited




Focussed on the Cotswolds, Pippa Paton is a highly respected and visionary interior designer specialising in high-end residential projects. Known for transforming manor houses, estates, and barns, Pippa’s approach is consistent: an unwavering focus on the bones of the structure that reflect the unique character of the region and blending these seamlessly with contemporary materials to create timeless, luxurious homes.

Using her instinctive ability to visualise what a space can be and how to optimise its potential for the lives we lead today, over the past two decades Pippa and her team have successfully reconfigured many historic (and more recently constructed) homes for life in the 21st-century, navigating projects through planning, construction and fit-out, exposing and enhancing historic features along the way and introducing colours, textures, furniture and art to create interiors of calm simplicity.

Pippa is internationally recognised having won multiple awards and featured in leading interiors publications worldwide. She has been included in Country Life's Top 100 every year since its inception in 2017 and in Andrew Martin's Top 100 Designers in the World several times, as well as publishing two books, 'Twenty First Century Cotswolds' Volumes I & II.