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Fiona Caulfield

Fiona Caulfield Home



Fiona Caulfield HOME, based in Brighton, conceptualising & creating interiors physically & virtually, on a local and international level.

Projects span: London, Brighton & the Home Counties, New Forest, The Yorkshire Dales, The Cairngorms, Ireland, Shanghai, Sydney, Brisbane, Mumbai & the Caribbean. From large scale hotels to beach huts, caravans and city apartments, log cabins in the wilderness to town houses in the suburbs, rural farmyard barns to tiny houses by the beach.

Interior & 3D design expert, with 25 years in the industry and proficient in negotiation, sourcing, budgeting, and planning. My background as a Head of Buying for some of the UK's leading home interior retailers, I have travelled the world commissioning, designing, and procuring products designed to appeal to future trends and interior design styles. Very often up to 36 months ahead of when they will be available to buy in the shops or online. I am known for innovation, always looking for the next big idea and how to make what we have better. This does not necessarily mean new, I am very much in favour of designing and developing products well so that they work, last, and provide years of joy. I am a big believer in conscious consumption. We all need to stop, think, and evaluate what we really need, what will make our lives better, happier, and more fulfilled.

I call myself an Interior Designer but my focus and attention to detail goes much deeper than this. Decorating a house will make it look beautiful but if it doesn't function and make your life better then you will not feel settled or happy in the space.

A good, well-designed space has the power to change a house and make it a home. 

The space should make you smile and feel good. A calming, comfortable and considered space can ease stresses, tensions, and anxiety. When you feel comfortable and protected in a space it's an amazing feeling.

A home should make each of its inhabitants feel loved, cared for, and protected. This can be calming, a place for respite and recouperation or it can be where you kick off your shoes, let your hair down and go wild. Dancing, singing, cooking up a culinary feast, whatever makes you, should be celebrated inside the protective boundary of your home.

Defining sustainable spaces, confirming function & injecting personality is top of my agenda. It’s about shaping our environments, living consciously and with a conscience.

I’m fascinated by how society lives in our natural and adaptive habitats and am very interested in how our spaces will morph as our eco system continues to evolve. I feel that sustainable construction of the future will demand us to interrogate & drive out fresh ideas that will examine the physical and mental effects of our environment & the wide range of emotional triggers in response.

I am very mindful of my space. I notice the small things and can recognise their importance, but it is completely normal not to notice. I am intrigued by the studies of neuroaesthetics and how increased consideration may need to be given to the neuro diverse. Noise, excessive or unnecessary objects in our most protected and private spaces can be distracting and overwhelming. In contrast, lighting, and noise cancelling surfaces can be soothing and comforting. It opens questions about how many homes are equipped with interiors that are inclusive, adaptive, and compassionate.

This is you, your space, and the place you call home. It's the most important place in the world.