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Registered Interior Designer®

Nick Sunderland


NSI is one of the Leading Interior Design Companies in London and was established by the award winning interior designer Nicholas Sunderland. He has worked as an interior designer in London for more than 23years creating luxury interiors for both residential and commercial clients. Each design is tailored to the individual requirements, style and budget of the client from a full interior to a single room, always with the same attention to detail being given. We don't only create interior design in London we work throughout the UK and abroad producing stunning high end interiors and renovations. We manage each project from our initial meeting through to completion working with a team of highly skilled craftsmen. We have an outstanding team of associate consultants that can be called upon as required, including quantity surveyors, architects, approved contractors, lighting designers and engineers. Communication, quality of work and attention to detail are always the most important part of the process which ensures we reach our clients expectations and needs. Current contact 07747618789