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Registered Interior Designer®

Caroline Cobbold

Caroline Cobbold Design Ltd



Caroline Cobbold has developed an undeniable wealth of experience from over 35 years in the design world, starting out as a Set Decorator and then Production Designer on top advertising campaigns and feature films. Traditionally trained, her  impeccable taste and attention to detail have evolved over the years due to her continued curiosity and her experences through travel, leading her to work on beautiful interior projects in the UK and abroad. She trained under Tessa Kennedy, the renowned Interior designer and set up a company with Tessa in 2012 until 2016 when Tessa Kennedy finally retired. Working on projects in both Switzerland, Moscow and Mayfair, with 6 figure budgets.

Before Caroline finally left the film industry and whilst running alongside her company with Tessa Kennedy, she set up her own company with a fellow Set Decorator in 2008, Cobbold du Pont Ltd. Caroline bougt the company out exclusively in 2015.

Caroline's skills lie in her versatility as she adapts her own instinctive style to bring the client's vision to life with her striking aesthetic and dedicated professionalism. Caroline prefers to layer different genres of styles so it appears that the client has built up their own collection of treasured items over time, without looking or feeling too 'over-designed'. Antique furniture sits alongside contemporary pieces, merging modern with vintage to create an innovative, original style bespoke for every project but led by Caroline's impeccable taste.

Caroline focuses on the client's needs, taking into account practical requests yet bringing her own unique ideas to create an undeniably beautiful space. Caroline is known for her bold use of colour  and texture and colour combination.

Every interior seems to tell a story. She can bring a room to life with a sense of vibrancy, love and laughter 

Caroline aims to create a finished interior that reflects the true personality of its owner interpreted through her own taste and unique style while working within an agreed budget and  schedule to provide the client with an outcome that exceeds their original expectations.

Caroline's work  has been quoted as-  'paired back sophisticated chic, with the merest suggestion that a clandestine moment has just taken place'